As a soft-spoken songstress, there’s an added importance in writing lyrics that captivate audiences enough to take the time to listen closely. Lily McCabe has mastered that skill over the years and has done so opening for artists such as Lucy Dacus, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The National Parks, and more. To Lily, the excitement in playing for audiences that include not only fans but people who are hearing her music for the first time is hard to beat. Though currently residing in New York, New York, she continues to play shows in her Columbus, Ohio hometown and anywhere else her voice is welcome. 


Regarding the content of her music, it’s highly focused on love and lack thereof. Unreleased songs that can be heard live delve into themes of faith and doubt, mental illness, social justice, etc. McCabe hopes that her music can be a companion through the ups and downs for listeners and hopes that people will find comfort in the bond that can form with a song voicing what they’re experiencing. She appreciates every listen and smile at a show and promises her music to be there for you for as long as possible.